Work visa for Australia

There are certain changes that are being introduced for those who seek Australian visa. These changes are to make Australia a better place for the jobs of all kinds that the people of the world are aspiring. Quire recently in 10th of September 2016 Australia has undergone the constructive changes in the points system along with the new Entrepreneur visa stream. This type of visa stream is to introduce new channels and avenues in business and investment.

The criteria of eligibility

  • The eligibility criteria for that type of visa stream is as follows;
  • The one who applies must be up to 54 years of age with good proficiency in English language and good mind for entrepreneurial work.
  • Funding agreement must be complied. The detail of funding agreement can be accessed on the official website of Australian Embassy.
  • The applicant must submit undertaking on account of entrepreneurial venture.
  • The nature of entrepreneurial venture must be of the kind of real estate or hiring labour or purchasing the existing business.
  • The complete outline of the business plan is binding to be submitted.

As it is said earlier that the point system is amended and this amendment shall pave the way for permanent residence in Australia for the students who are studying there for the purpose of completing their PhD or Masters degree in science and technology. This also implies mathematics and engineering.

Further changes in the point system shall give additional benefit to the people who are seeking to study further for their Masters or PhD. The subjects which will be considered in this respect shall be; chemical sciences, biological sciences, maths, physics, computer science, astronomy, IT, information, natural and physical sciences, earth sciences, civil engineering etc.

Work visa for Australia

If your feel that you are up to the mark with respect to the skills that are needed in the country of Australia then you will have to apply on the skilled visa. For the list of the workers in this category you have to visit the official website of Australian embassy.

There is another kind of visa which is known as sponsored visa. In this connection you have to see the details with respect to your sponsors which are as under;

  • Your sponsor should be Australian employer
  • You can also be sponsored by the territory government agency
  • The last in this connection is state or territory authority

There are differ types of channels through which the skilled workers are encouraged to have apply like; skillselect and regional employment,

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