Work permit in Denmark

Denmark is near the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Norway. To opt to go there for any kind of settlement may not be useful for the people of warmer areas like Middle East and Africa. Like all the major countries of the Europe you need to have residence permit and work permit in order to find or do any work there. If you belong to any of the countries of Nordic area, European Union or European Economic Area you are no longer required to get the residence or a work permit in Denmark. People outside those areas have to apply for the work permit and this depends more on their qualification. Even if you are applying for any job that might be unpaid and totally on the voluntary basis you have to undergo the process for work permit. That means any kind of job without the permit is not allowed in Denmark.

In order to attract the highly qualified people who are professional in different areas Denmark government often announces such schemes in which they facilitate such people to come to their country and have a job there for the benefit of the country. There are certain schemes the detail of which is as under;

In this connection the Positive List is issued which shows the areas in which Danish government has the deficiency of professionals. Secondly, there is a Pay Limit scheme which allows a person easy access to the work permit who wants to work on certain annul pay limit. There is another scheme by the Danish government which allows certain companies to have quick hire facilities. This scheme is called Fast-track scheme. Danish government is also facilitating the foreigners to visit the country for research purposes. They are given the facility of Establishment Card to enable them complete their Master’s or PhD degrees from Denmark. Those people who are trainees they can continue their work with the companies during their educational and training career. Apart from this the people who are qualifies professionals in art and cooking or who are even athletes are also facilitated to have their entry in the country. In the field of agriculture the residence and work permit can be offered to the people who are the managers of farm or they are good in livestock work or they are workers on the oil rigs, or drill-ships.

In case you are holding any job in the country of Denmark you can extend your residence permit on account of your job. In case you are having residence permit of Denmark on the basis of asylum or family and you do not have your residence permit renewed you can get the new residence permit on the basis of your job or independent business. If your residence permit has expired and any of your foreign family member is completing his / her education from Denmark in that case too you can have your permit. In order to get Danish authorization the proficiency in the language of Denmark is also helpful and in this connection you can get further information for the official website of Denmark.

If you are desirous to seek any kind of job in Denmark remember, there are many opportunities. There are many such online portals which provide you the facility of submitting your CV for the job in Denmark. In order to have a job there you must have residence permit and work permit both. However this does not apply if you are the citizen of European Union or European Economic Area. The residence permit and then work permit in order to get your job in Denmark much depends on the qualification you have.

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