Work permit for Poland

The countries which are the part of European Union have relaxed laws for other European Union countries in order to have a visit and work there. Poland is also the part of European Union therefore it is rather natural that it has relaxations for the citizens of European Union along with Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein to work there. These people do not need any special work permit in order to do a job there in Poland. They can even establish their business there.

Those people who are not lucky enough of not being the citizens of the above mentioned countries of EEA they have to apply for the work permit before getting started any job there. Whereas, as you will read here on this page that there are certain cases in which even they also do not need the work permit. Such instances or cases are mentioned below;

  • If you have a settlement permit in Poland
  • If you have a permit of tolerated stay in the country of Poland
  • If you are granted protection in Poland
  • If you are a refugee, but the one that is granted by Poland
  • If you have the permit of long term stay in the countries of European Union
  • If you have the permit of temporary stay in Poland
  • If you have the temporary stay permit in connection with your research in Poland on account of the agreement of Polish scientific institution
  • When you are the husband or wife or any Polish citizen

How to apply for work permit

Polish work permit is like Swiss work permit, the person desirous to work there cannot apply on his own. Quite like Swiss permit your employer shall proceed your application on the plea that he is offering you a job there.

The work permit is issued for the specific time as mentioned and proceed by the employer. Employer shall give his declaration for that purpose. There are certain categories also in which some permits are given for the period of one year and other for six months, especially those which are for the seasonal employments. Such permits are issued by the local voivode.

Work permits: Kinds

There are five types of work permits, the detail of which is as under;

  • The type A permit is for those employers whose business and residence are in Poland.
  • The type B work permit is for six months to one year.
  • The type C work permit is for the employee whose employer is the foreigner in Poland.
  • The type D work permit is for the employee whose employer is the foreigner in Poland and his business in Poland is also temporary.
  • The type E and the last type of work permit is for the employee whose employer is the foreigner in Poland and his nature of job is for between three to six months. All the cases which are excluding in the above permit types are also the part of this work permit category

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