Work in Switzerland: Swiss work permits

Remember, if you are going to apply for Switzerland you must know that the quota for the foreign workers in that country is limited and no one, unless legal authorization, can work there.

In order to apply for the legal permission for the work visa you have to apply in accordance with the process as laid down in the immigration laws of the country. Remember for different countries there are different procedures. In 2015 there are increasing sentiment in the country regarding narrowing down the visits of foreigners consequently the process for getting the work permit is growing difficult day by day. This tendency is especially regarding the countries which donot belong to European Union. There are two types of work permit in the country; short term which is called L permit and long term which is called B permit. Both the permits have been reduced and now Swiss government has decided to give only one thousand short term and one thousand long term permits.

In order to enter in Switzerland there is no restrictions for the people from European Union, but to acquire work permit they must apply separately. Those people who do not belong to European Union need two permits; before they go to proceed for the work permit they must be the permit for residence which is called “special residence permit”. This permit is the focus on the fact about the nature of work / job the country. That also includes your educational qualification and job experience. Unlike other countries in Switzerland you cannot change the priorities or purpose of your visit. If you have come as a tourist or a business man you cannot apply for the work permit. In case you want to work in Switzerland you have to apply for that while filing your application for the Swiss visa.

The method to apply for the Swiss visa into order to work there requires that you must already have sought and work there and now your employer hast to apply for the work permit on your behalf. And when you arrive in Switzerland you can live and work there as the permit allows you.

The relatives of the person who holds settlement permit and students are allowed to work there but the condition is that they must inform authorities for the same. In this connection you are highly recommended to go to the official site of Swiss embassy and read the entire information of write an email.

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