Whatsapp will launch new update

There are trillions of people using whatsapp messenger in the world, whatsapp is the biggest messaging hub, which connects people with each other.

Whatsapp owners always stay in touch with whatsapp users behind the scene and update the software to make it more convenient and useful for users. In this struggle, they always collect feedback from users and update whatsapp according to their needs.

From a long time, whatsapp management was receiving the complaint about the fake massages, at which new version updates ware offered in case of spreading the message to other peoples. People send feedback that they receive the same message from the different numbers.

Now whatsapp, working on removing the fake news feeds, and they have a deep eye on all numbers through which fake messages generating. Whatsapp will block all that numbers that are sending fake messages. The new update will also help who send you fake messages.

Now don’t sent any message to someone randomly, and avoid to send the fake massages, your number would be list in block list by whatsapp management.

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