Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis by Qatar

In the last month, Qatar has introduced visa free entry scheme for eighty countries. Pakistan was not included in that list. The total population of Qatar is around 2.4 million and 90 percent of that populations is consisting of foreigners. Many people from Pakistan are doing jobs in Qatar due to good packages and other facilities.

For Pakistani passport holders, Qatar has introduced ‘VISA ON ARRIVAL’ scheme a couple of days ago. The information is available on Qatar Airways’ official website in which they have mentioned that the Pakistani nationals can get their visas on arrival for the stay of thirty days maximum.

Qatar set eligibility criteria to get visa for Pakistanis i.e. they must have valid passport with the validity of six months from the day of arrival and a return ticket. Further details can be checked on Qatar Airways’ official page. Qatar Airways is a public and the national flag carrier of the country.

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