Thailand Visa for Pakistanis

The citizens of Pakistan who want to visit Thailand should get to know beforehand that there are two types of visas for available for them; you can travel through air or through the land. The Legal visa services of Siam are not meant for the citizens of Pakistan therefore if you are from Pakistan you need not to proceed for your visa process through that way.

Those people who are desirous to visit Thailand must fulfill the following requirements before they proceed for the visa process.

  • They must be in possession of a valid passport from the Government of Pakistan.
  • The visa you have must at least be valid for the time of six months from the time of your departure, failing which you cannot proceed for your visa. Besides, there must be two black pages in your passport that should be for the entries and exit stamps.
  • The applicant must have the valid plan or travel mentioning your route clearly.
  • The applicant for the visa must have the proof of the proper funds that might be helpful during his visit to Thailand.

Customer Support

The customer support bench offers the complete information regarding your Thai visa and visit. You and either qualify for the other option for your visa. That help facilitates you to make your process easier.

The customer support for the Thai visa shall entertain you with respect to every required information only if your meet the following requirements;

  • The customer support can be accessed through email and you have to confirm that your visit to Thailand is purely for the purpose of tourism. In case you seek their help for the business or employment matters they might not entertain you.
  • Your stay in Thailand must extend from thirty to sixty days, providing you have sufficient funds to support you.
  • In case you want to stay for more time you can apply for extension which is given up to thirty more days.

Visa for Education

You can also apply for Thai study visa. There is a term visa for ninety to one year travel to the country of Thailand with single and multiple entries.

Visa for Business

You can also apply for Thai visa for business purposes. In this connection you are bound to have employment or business with any company of Thailand. In this connection the term visa with single entry is for ninety days whereas the for one year is for multiple entries.

Marriage in Thailand

In case you are going to apply for the marriage to any Thai national your income should be forty thousand in Thai Baht (Thai currency). In this connection the term visa with single entry is for ninety days whereas the for one year is for multiple entries.

Information about Thai Embassy:

Her we have the information of Royal Thai embassy in Pakistan so that whosoever wants to apply may get the information of any kind he wants.


Thai Embassy House No. 23, Street 25, F-8/1 Islamabad Pakistan


+92-51-2280909 +92-51-2254697 +92-51-2282586


+92-51-2256730 +92-51-2263611



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