Swiss visa for job and business

If you are coming in Switzerland in order to find a job make sure that you have found it already. In this connection the embassy’s official website offers you the detailed information of how to find a job there and even how to apply for a job. Once your job is secured now your employer shall apply to the local cantonal employment services and after getting your application thoroughly reviewed by them they shall send your send your application to Federal Office for Migration. And on their approval you can get hold of your visa and work permit. They must be satisfied by the applicant on account of his skills in Swiss language, his other abilities and age.

Process for work permit

Once you intend to apply for the work permit your application, which shall be forwarded by your employer, as guided earlier, must have;

  • You Detailed CV
  • Photocopies of your academic qualification
  • You language diplomas
  • Copy of advertisement for job
  • Copy of your passport

All the above requirements are to be sent to FOM who will correspond to you, your employer and the local canton about their decision on your application. The office of local canton then will correspond to the embassy for the issuance of visa to you. On your arrival to Switzerland you are required to get yourself registered with the migration office of the local canton within fourteen days of your arrival. Consequent upon that you are issued permit for residence. After having the residence permit you can proceed to your job.

Work permit: Types

There are following three types of work permit in Switzerland;

  • Short term permit by which you can stay and work in Switzerland for one year. This permit is called Permit L.
  • Temporary but extendable permit allows you to stay and work for one year in Switzerland. This type of permit is extendable after one year. This is called Permit B.
  • If you are living continuously for ten years in Switzerland you can have Permit C. This is called the permit for settlement. The people who are from USA or Canada can apply for this permit after five years of continuous residence.

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