There was a time when people would be worried about their employees and their children activities in their absence. That issue had created a distrust and anxieties everywhere. Therefore we have come up with an application that solves most of your problems and can diminish your worries.

Procedure and Description

The most important thing is that you should know about the name of the application and its name is Spy Human. Spy human is a kind of application through which you can monitor whosoever you want to monitor, but the purpose of this app is by no means bad. It should not be used for illegal activities and if anybody does that, we will not be responsible whatsoever, because our sole purpose is to bring easiness into your lives, rather than complicating it further.

Installation Process

This app has its own website from where you can download it. One should simply enter the name of the app spy human in the search bar of his/her browser and he would be able to see the app in apk format. After having a look at it one should simply download it into his device and install it, but before installing it you should be mindful of allowing unknown file resources in your setting. After having done that in setting, you should open the application but how? You have to go to your apps and look for an app with the name of secure app, because after downloading this app into your device it changes its name. After that, you have to go through your login procedures and for that you have to sign up before entering into the account. The sign up details are easy and can be knowable to anyone. After you have signed up, you should get into the app. Now you would see a different window, where you have to allow this app all the permissions it is asking for. Turn by turn you have to allow the app to use all the requisite data it needs.

After having done all the basics, now you would see that the app has disappeared and it is no more there in your regulars apps. After having done this you should go back to your browser and visit the site with the same name Now here you have to login the same details with which you have signed up and you would see a different window, where you can find whatsoever you have ever wished for. You can have a go in anything you want to.

Positives of the App

  • It enables you to keep an eye on your children and your employees and all their activities he is doing on with his/her phone.
  • All the data of the phone, the most visited sites, exact location, phone calls, messages, calls recordings, the most used number even on whatsapp or any other social app will be accessible to you.
  • Your family can trace your location via this app through the help of GPS in case of any emergency.
  • You can see their browsing history and read their messages as well.
  • You can have the luxury of taking their photos without letting them know through this.
  • You can disconnect their wifi at anytime, from anywhere through this app, you can also block the sites on their devices, that you don't want them to visit.
  • With the help of this app, you can simply record their normal conversations with people, with whom they will be having conversations with.

Once again it should be kept in mind that you are not entitled for it's bad and unlawful usages. If someday you wanted to uninstall this app, that too is extremely easy and simple. You should be in the same app and should click on the left side of your app, where you would see setting. There in the setting you have to open a window, where you would see your app code. You have to copy that code and getting back into your normal window on phone , you should dial that code your phone dialer. After having dialed the code that same app would appear on your screen in the apps. You should simply go and uninstall the app, if necessary.

Hope you will enjoy, using this app, but the best use of this app be on your employees and children. You can have the luxury of taking their photos and disconnecting their wifi at anytime. You can simply record their normal conversations with people, with whom they will be sitting.

Thank you!

This Video is taken from Youtube Channel: Billi 4 You