Job seeker Visa for Germany

The citizens of Pakistan can apply for job in Germany which requires a valid visa. In this connection they have to apply for the permit of temporary residence in Germany. The time of the temporary stay permit in Germany is 6 months, for which it is necessary that you have to appear in the German Embassy in person. For all types of German visas it is mandatory upon you to appear in person for which you have to look for the appointment online for the purpose of you getting interviewed by the embassy in the category that falls in work visa. If you are desirous to seek an appointment for your interview you need to visit You visa application shall only be considered upon the provision of the complete necessary and supporting documents. Upon finding that the documents and the application forwarded by you are in accordance with the regulations your case is sent by the embassy to the office of immigration authority in Germany for their approval. You have to take into your mind that this takes time and the usual time for the consideration of immigration authority upon your visa application and given you response is four months.

Remember if you have applied for the residence permit in Germany now you cannot proceed for schengen visa. Once you have been intimated by the immigration authority in negative response even then you can have the option of schengen visa, which is one visa for the maximum countries of Europe. You must take in to your consideration that job seeker visa does not permit you to take up your job in Germany, if the case may be your visa shall be changed by the German Aliens Authority into residence permit that allows you to take up your job.

In case you are going to apply for the job seeker visa for Germany you must have the following documents to be submitted in original. The certain document must have English translation version duly attested by the by the concerned authorities. Two copies of each document must be submitted along with your application. Now see the list of mandatory documents;

  • You must submit the declaration duly signed by you that you have submitted complete and true information.
  • Three passport size photographs with white background
  • Two application forms for visa which are duly singed and properly filled in with complete information that is mandatory.
  • Passport which must be valid for twelve months
  • TOEFL or IELTS with the certificate of German language
  • Proof of residence in Germany
  • CV will all academic and employment record
  • Proof of funding
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of personal status with respect of marital status and children
  • Rs. 13,000 fee
  • Copies of your academic qualification and all the relevant documents
  • Health certificate

The Embassy can still ask for the additional information time to time as they feel mandatory. Your application must be complete with all respects otherwise that will not be considered. Go to the website and download all other relevant information. The job prospects in Germany are quite hopeful and you will be having a good career.

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