With the passage of time, security of digital devices is being enhanced. Mobile phones are protected with pattern locks, thumb print lock and passwords etc. If you mistakenly leave your mobile phone somewhere and someone tries to access it, how do you know? Mobile is a personal device and the data inside it is also personal.

We have a software available on the playstore that can take the photo of anyone who tries to unlock or access your mobile phone. This software is free and anyone can download it from play store.


  • It has the option of alarm if you want to rise it after some wrong attempts.
  • It captures the photo the person who tries to unlock your phone.
  • It is simple to use.

How to Install

Simply go to the play store and type Hidden Eye. Install it on your android device and open it. You will see three options.

  • Sound alarm after three attempts
  • Alert me on notification bar.
  • Show intruders on unlock.

Set the security status to ON after installing it. You need to adjust the above settings according to your need. The captured photos will be saved in the gallery and you can see them after unlocking your device.

Thank you!