Get Work in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is really a wonderful country for those who want to apply for getting the visa in order to work there. That country shall give you a unique employment experience you might not have experience in other countries. Since in Hong Kong many of the work positions have been occupied by the immigrants and professionals who are local therefore it is rather a hard task to get work permit there. But once you succeed it shall change your career preferences. In order to get out of such tangles you need to have a proper qualification and research.

Work Visa for Hong Kong

A policy which may be called a professional scheme of Hong Kong encourage the foreign skilled professionals to acquire the work permit of Hong Kong. These permits are offered to the citizens who have the qualification and skills in such professions that are not generally offered in Hong Kong, or the people of Hong Kong are not yet skilled in them. In case you are qualified in any such skills you can apply for the work permit right away.

Requirements for work permit

There are the following requirements you need to fulfill in order to apply for the work permit.

You must have been offered a job in Hong Kong prior to the application for the permit.

Your salary must be within the salary threshold for the professionals working in the country already. The salary threshold for the local professionals in Hong Kong is 20,000 Hong Kong Dollars

The company who is hiring your services must provide sufficient proof that the required skills are not found in Hong Kong and therefore they need you to give your services.

Your must a bona fide citizen of your country with no criminal record.

You have an educational background which corresponds to the company’s plea on your behalf which should be sufficiently backed by your academic record attached with your application.

You must give sufficient proof that you will be a asset to Hong Kong by offering your potential for the benefit of the country.

Documents for work permit

The candidates who are going to apply for the word permit in Hong Kong need to have read this portion so that they must provide all the relevant documents in their application. The detail of the documents is as under;

  • Letter of the job offered
  • Copy of visa application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Three recent photographs
  • Academic documents
  • Health insurance

Note: Your passport must have at least six months validity.

The documents needed to be submitted form your employer

Your employer needs to submit the following documents in order to acquire the work permit for you;

  • Copy of contract between employer and employee with clear mention of salary, benefits and duration of your stay etc
  • Copy of company’s registration
  • Financial record of the company
  • Record of company’s background
  • Application form for employment


The application which is complete in all respects shall be submitted to Immigration Department of Hong Kong. Work visa is valid for one year which is extendable till the end of the job. A person who is living in Hong Kong for continuous seven years can apply for the permanent residence. If existing job ends the employee shall get the permission of Immigration department to switch the job.

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