China Work Visa: Find job in China

China is one of the countries with big opportunities. The work visa in China implies paid jobs. Work visa for jobs in China can also be issued to the people who are aliens and who are desirous to work in China as the performer for commercial entertainment. The condition for such a work visa is the mutual understanding between you and your employer. In this connection you have to fulfill the conditions of foreign expert and you employer must have a certificate that you are the bona fide person in accordance with the conditions of foreign expert.

Jobs in China

The job that is very common in China is related to English language teaching to which the qualification of the part of applicant must be the one that shows his / her proficiency in English language and applicant must at least be a graduate with the teaching experience of two years. The applicants have to comply the age limits before applying. The age limit is eighteen to sixty years and in case of females the age is eighteen to fifty-five years. But remember, these age conditions are not very strict much depends upon your employer.

First of all your employer have to send you work permit and the notification letter for the visa and you have to proceed on the basis of these things along with the copies of your application. If you are going to take your family along in this connection new letter for visa submission invitation is needed from your relative who have to prove his / her relation with you. This proof in case of souse will be the marriage certificate and in case of child it must be a birth certificate. Once you have arrived there you must seek temporary residence permit with in thirty days. The duration of your contract with your employer may extend from ninety days to five years.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for getting China’s visa for job are as follows;

  • Your application form for visa must be completed in all respects. In order to download the form you have to visit the official site of China’s Embassy.
  • Invitation letter that is from any person from China.
  • One passport size photograph is recent time.
  • Passport must be valid upto the time of six months. There must be one blank page left with your passport.
  • Work permit which is sent by your employer. There are four different kinds of work permits. You must have any one of that.

How to apply for the work visa for China

In order to get your application you have to visit the embassy of China. In this case any application that is mailed to the embassy shall not be acceptable.

Once you have submitted your application the time for processing is four weeks.

You are asked to pay the fee for your visa and you are done.

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